Peak Performance Psychology


Are you an Athlete, Performer, Speaker, Writer, or Business person?

  • Are you an athlete, Performer, Speaker, Writer, or Business person wanting to perform at your peak and experience flow?
  • Are you consistent in practice but often “choke” during competition?
  • Do you struggle to keep a positive mindset after a loss or missed play?
  • Is constant worry impacting your ability to perform to your potential?
  • Do you find that you have constant negative “chatter” in your head that interferes with your game?
  • Are you having trouble with motivation and focus?
  • Has an injury sidelined you, or are you having trouble trusting your body post-injury?


The good news is that every athlete and optimal performer on the planet has dealt with these issues in some form or another. More importantly, we specialize in helping athletes go from good to great…and it’s all about learning and practicing the skills that elite athletes worldwide understand at their core…the mental game.

Working with a sport psychologist will allow you to effectively address these issues. We are experts in optimal performance and we will provide you with the tools that elite athletes and performers utilize to take them to the next level in their sports.

We also offer counseling services for athletes who may be struggling with mental health issues from a respectful and integrative viewpoint, taking their identity and experience as an athlete into consideration. Because of our experience and expertise in sport psychology, we can help athletes and performers with clinical issues from a holistic perspective.


For more information about these services, click over to “Counseling Services”.

We are experts in training athletes how to create and maintain optimal performance states through the use of a cutting edge, research based program. Our program utilizes sport psychology principles that are used by professional, olympic and elite athletes around the world.

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