Embrace Your ADHD and Learn How you Can Live, Thrive & Succeed with ADHD!

I am a High Performance Psychologist, Leadership & ADHD-Mindset Coach



ADHD? Welcome to the Club!

Embracing ADHD

Welcome to a place where you will be understood, validated and challenged to become the BEST VERSION of you!

I believe that ADHD doesn't need to get in the way of your success, once you understand how it works, how it hinders you, and also how it brings amazing gifts to your life!

IF you want to understand more about the 7 TYPES OF ADHD just click on the image. (Don't click just yet! Finish this page...then come back. I know a little about ADHD wormholes :-)

If you are ready to let go of excuses and take ownership of your life to achieve the success you desire you are in the right place!


Finally Achieve Your Goals & Experience Success!

Here's Ninja Secret # 1: 

  • Strive for Progress NOT Perfection!

Regardless of the endless ADHD Symptoms you are quite familiar with, the single biggest struggle people with ADHD have is...


And often we end up giving up and feeling demoralized about "failed attempts". 

 Whether you are recently diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or you've 'struggled' with ADHD your whole life, I am here to help you harness your strengths, learn how to work WITH your brain (not against it), and how we can CREATE NEW SUCCESS structures and patterns that can change your life!


We all want to feel like a SUPERHERO yet most of my clients feel so demoralized and frustrated that they have trouble imagining themselves as superheroes. 

The cool thing is that as you start to understand your brain, make space for rest and play, and set up success systems you begin to work smarter, not harder, and begin to see that achieving success is attainable!

All you need to do is be willing to TAKE A HARD LOOK AND BE HONEST with yourself, recognize what's not working and be willing to IMPLEMENT NEW STRATEGIES, let go of emotional baggage, and PRACTICE!

Soon enough you will begin to uncover your SUPERHERO STRENGTHS and begin feeling like a superhero in your life!

Ready to get started?



I Also have ADHD!

I have become a sought-after ADHD expert because I have searched high and low to learn all the tools and strategies available so I could conquer my ADHD and achieve the success I desired. Like many other adults with ADHD I was not diagnosed until I was in graduate school.

Once I understood that my brain worked differently I chose to  work WITH my unique, neurodiverse brain, instead of working AGAINST it. What I found is that "common techniques" used to deal with organization, motivation, procrastination and focus in neurotypical brains DO NOT work for neurodiverse brains!

And that there are ways in which we can achieve the same or higher levels of success once we know how to tap into our unique brain function. 

Whatever you are experiencing, I've probably "been there, done that", so I have a great deal of understanding and compassion.

Now, my greatest satisfaction is derived by seeing my clients turn their lives from "hot-mess" to "zen-success" and see them embracing their weaknesses with compassion and harnessing their strengths to achieve success!

I Bring 15 Years of Specialized ADHD Experience

I utilize and teach my clients a wide-array of tools and techniques to address the issues at the ROOT CAUSE, in order to create LASTING AND TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. 

We identify PATTERNS, and internal STRUCTURES that are responsible for your success or failure and re-program your mind so you can achieve a greater degree of congruity, flow and success. 

Whether this is in regards to emotional regulation, procrastination, hyperactivity, organization or time or space, or creating and maintaining fulfilling relationships. Ultimately, we want to bring a sense of HONESTY, COMPASSION, KINDNESS & INTEGRITY to how you relate to self and others. 

In addition to being a psychologist, I am Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), an incredibly powerful modality that helps people release stored emotional baggage, and identify faulty patterns of thought, feeling and behavior to establish new successful patterns working with the unconscious mind. 

Other certifications include somatic approaches like Havening, a powerful technique to release Trauma and Grief relatively quickly and restore balance to amygdala hi-jacks that tend to lead to personal and relationship distress.

Being a trauma-informed practitioner enables me to help you release the negative emotional triggers you have accumulated through difficult or traumatic situations so you can begin to find more peace and balance in your emotional reactions. 

I also integrate Energy-Psychology modalities such as Reiki, Superconscious Transformation, Huna and many others, as guided by my intuition designed to create LASTING CHANGE. 


What Past Clients Are Saying

(We value confidentiality so we have omitted names.)

  • Wow! My life has completely turned around in the best way I could have imagined. Elena set me on a new course for life. I learned new things about myself every time we meet, which has allowed me to become more authentic and successful. 

    Female w/ADHD

  • You saved my life! Thank you for continuing to believe in me even when I didn't. I never thought I could be this happy, and courageous. Going for the things I truly desire and setting things up in a way I can succeed. Thank you!

    Male w/ADHD

  • My life when from completely out of control to becoming a role model for others. I was failing in all areas of life, overwhelmed, and with such a severe burnout I had to take a leave of absence. By the end of our work, I had been promoted to team-lead, my house was organized, and I've created powerful systems that worked!

    Professional w/ ADHD

  • I was struggling with everyday things like keeping my house clean, self-care, and balancing all my responsibilities. Slowly I began to make changes that led to greater organization, consistent motivation, and feeling successful even in new situations. Life feels easier and more manageable. 

    Female w/ ADHD

  • While I wish there was a button or pill that could make my ADHD go away, I have found more compassion, more patience and grounding. I am less reactive to others, and my relationships have improved. I am able to recognize when I am "making up stories" and find more effective ways to communicate. I no longer get stuck in the "spiral of doom". That is awesome!

    Male w/ ADHD

  • Little by the little the program guides you to implement and make seemingly small changes. But overtime you realize "wow! I am no longer struggling with organization! or that used to be really hard, and now it's no big deal! 

    I have also educated my family about how different my brain works and been able to come up with novel approaches to common issues. That is very empowering!

    Professional w/ ADHD

  • Going through the program and getting individual coaching was invaluable. I was on the brink of washing out or being kicked out of my graduate program. I am not sure I would have finished my dissertation and graduated from my program! The skills I learned will continue to serve me as I move forward. Thank you!

    ADHD Graduate


Then BE READY to: 

  • Be seen, heard & understood
  • Hear the truth
  • Be encouraged & challenged
  • Let go of excuses and old emotional baggage
  • Examine your failure patterns
  • Adopt new empowering beliefs
  • Create new Success Structures & Routines
  • Be willing to laugh and be silly
  • Be willing to fail & try again
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Celebrate your Successes!

I will NOT check on you, nag you about your to do list, or shame you about the items you didn't do. 


INSTEAD, I will help you create an accountability system that will work for you, and it's guided BY you. 

I will ask you to be willing to try new things, strategies and tools, and ultimately my clients keep on doing them because they work for them, not because I said so. 

I partner with you, so you can embrace your SUPERPOWERS, and learn strategies to overcome your kryptonite, so you create success on your own terms. 

The transformational changes clients have made through my Live & Thrive with ADHD program have been life-changing! 




I've created a highly specialized and focused program for people with ADHD. Ultimately it's not about changing your brain, it's about learning to "LIVE & THRIVE WITH ADHD" and feel successful in your life!

It's about learning how to work with your unique neurodiverse brain, and learning powerful strategies to overcome some of the common challenges we experience: 

  • Understanding how ADHD impacts us
  • Time management
  • Procrastination
  • Motivation
  • Overwhelm
  • Organization
  • De-cluttering
  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Taking Ownership
  • Creating Successful Routines & Rituals
  • And Embracing your Strengths and Quirkiness!

We've had hundreds of clients go through this program and turn their lives around to feel more grounded, empowered and successful!

Live and Thrive Box Image. White background

There are 3 Ways You Can Get Support:

You choose what feels best for you. Whether you want to do a self-guided program, get support in a group or have individual coaching, you can begin to create the life you want!

Live & Thrive with ADHD Self-Guided Program

This is our flagship program. It was created specifically to help you understand your ADHD and learn powerful strategies to become more grounded, organized, focused, motivated and productive. 

The program helps you target common struggles faced with ADHD. This program has ONLY been available to clients that work with us 1-1. 

And is NOW AVAILABLE for you to follow step by step on your own.

You will receive access to a unique site with all video lessons, handouts and exercises. One lesson every two weeks.  


Productivity Playground Group Coaching & Access to 3 Self-Guided Programs

This is the BEST VALUE program. We created it to make our programs and services more accessible to more people. It also allows you to CONNECT to a community and decrease isolation. You will get access to 3 self guided programs: 

"Live and Thrive with ADHD"; "Authentic Confidence" and "Mindful Meditation" & Programs, plus access to weekly group trainings and/or coaching.

It is the MOST AFFORDABLE program at only $75 a week. It does require a 6 month commitment so you can see results!


Live & Thrive with ADHD with Individualized Coaching

Work 1-1 with our specialized ADHD Coaches (yes that could be me). Get access to our unique "Live & Thrive with ADHD" & Mindful Meditation programs and receive the individualized support you deserve to tackle any area of your life you want to improve. Work, school, home, parenting, relationships, organization. Whatever are you want to see improvement and success!

You will also get access to the Productivity Playground Bi-weekly Trainings. 



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