High Performance Leadership & Executive Coaching



(for Individuals or Teams)

High Performance Leadership & Executive Coaching 

You have achieved a fair level of success in your industry. You might be a successful business owner, entrepreneur, speaker, healer, doctor, lawyer, coach, or athlete.

Yet you know that you are capable of so much more. Perhaps you are tired of running yourself ragged, or going through the cycles of burning the candle at both ends and then burning out.

Maybe you want to learn how to be a better human being, and make a bigger difference in the world, how to leave a legacy that matters, but you have no idea how to get from under the fast moving train.

Perhaps it is your team or specific members of your team that are struggling to reach their potential and you are having trouble motivating them and keeping them track.

Either way, you know that you are capable of creating higher levels of productivity, innovation, creativity, intuition, and financial success. And you recognize that you need support to grow in bigger and deeper ways.

There is a quote I love: “The taller the tree, the deeper the roots”.

In order to reach those higher levels of performance, leadership and achievement both in our businesses, relationships and personal lives, we need to be pushed and supported by an experienced guide.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or concerned that everything might come tumbling down any minute when you have not created proven systems that you can rely on to manage your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Most of us were never really taught the skills and principles that we have been teaching athletes, and high performers in all areas for over 20 years!

We provide executive and high performance leadership coaching for emerging leaders, visionaries, executives, in an individual or team basis. We often combine elements of individual and team approaches for personal development, leadership & high performance.

Learn proven strategies, and skill-sets that will allow you to increase your influence, impact & income in meaningful ways while also improving your presence, power and relationships.

Whether you want to engage in this process to get support for you individually, for a team member or want to explore how this can benefit your entire team, while also getting individual support, then just reach out to us and we will schedule an initial evaluation to determine what might be the best approach for you and/or your company.

This first initial evaluation is 2 hrs and it’s $500, and will allow us to get a clear sense of your individual or team needs and identify what level of support & what programs will be best suited to help you become an unstoppable leader!

Do not wait another moment. This is your chance to finally get the support, guidance and resources you need to tap fully into your potential and grow in unparalleled ways. 


Business & Executive Coaching

Whether you have an established business you want to grow, or you are just starting your business we can help you!

We love working with established businesses in improving their systems, productivity, efficiency, communications, leadership, and enhancing your culture so your team can become a High Performing Team poised to keep growing!

We focus on sound strategy, conscious business practices, high performing mindsets and helping your team learn the best strategies to communicate to create greater employee engagement, motivation, loyalty and performance.

If you are a therapist, coach, holistic practitioner or healer, or any other heart-centered entrepreneur with a service-based business, I would love to help you set up, start or grow your business so you can have the freedom, income and impact that you desire!

After all the time and work it has taken me to grow synapse to the organization it is, and all of the thousands of dollars I’ve spent in business coaching and certifications, I feel very passionate about helping heart-based entrepreneurs, turn their passions into transformational businesses, that are fun, profitable and make a greater difference in the world!

My clients have been therapists, coaches, healers, holistic practitioners, financial planners, teachers, writers, restauranteurs, & creatives. I have been called a “Visionary Strategist” because I am able to help you develop a greater vision, while also providing the knowledge, skills & tools, to set up, or grow your business in a strategic and sustainable manner.

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