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Elena Estanol

Elena Estanol Ph.D., M.F.A.

Dr. Estanol is a licensed psychologist and sport psychologist in Fort Collins, CO with over 12 years of experience. I am the founder and Clinical Director of Synapse Counseling LLC. I specialize in providing therapy for eating disorders,  ADHD Coaching and Treatment, GLBT issues, sport psychology, spiritual growth, anxiety managementSpanish-Speaking populations, life transitions, relationship issues, grief and loss, and personal growth, among others. I strive to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere where we can explore your concerns and be gently challenged to try new behaviors.

I am active and engaged in the therapeutic process and work collaboratively with you to enhance your awareness of maladaptive patterns that keep you stuck, so you can make the changes to achieve the life you want and deserve. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, familes, teens, adolescents, and adults. I am grateful to have overcome an eating disorder and gained invaluable wisdom in the process. I also have ADHD so I understand it from both a personal and professional perspective and have used both of these experiences to inform the development of our programs and services.

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I have an integrative and strengths-based approach to helping individuals. I believe that you already have many skills and abilities that have enabled you to succeed in the past and my role is to help you recognize and use your strengths in order to overcome your current challenges. I bring authenticity, warmth, humor and compassion to my work and strive to create a safe environment where we can explore your concerns and be gently challenged to try new behaviors.

I work collaboratively with each person to provide an individualized approach tailored to who you are, your goals, life experience and current concerns. You can trust that I will provide you with expert, gentle and honest feedback about your current situation and how you can avoid repeating maladaptive patterns. I draw from positive psychology, sport psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), feminist psychotherapy, interpersonal (IPT) and existential psychotherapy principles to help you find your purpose and meaning in life, recognize and change behavior patterns that keep you stuck, and utilize your individual strengths to develop more adaptive coping strategies to help you achieve your true potential as a human being. 

I am constantly expanding my knowledge base and education and pursuing innovative and integrative approaches to enhance performance, achieve whole health, and mental balance. I have also developed several online courses and serve as an intuitive business mentor & intuitive coach. 


My previous clinical experience includes providing therapy at a university counseling center, providing psychological services in a middle school, a residential treatment center for eating disorders (adolescents), a court-appointed private practice (children), providing behavioral health interventions in a hospital, and employed as a psychologist for the CSU Health Network providing mental health services for college-aged students and sport psychology services to Division I athletes, dancers and performing artists. I also served as the liaison to the GLBT office and El Centro on campus. I am a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) ( and the American Psychological Association ( Division of Exercise and Sport Psychology (Division 47).

Tambien me especializo en tratar a miembros de la cultura Latina/Hispana y ofrezco terapia en Español.


  • ADHD Coach Training at JST Coaching LLC and Mentor Coach LLC
  • Licensed Psychologist Colorado – 3452
  • APA- Aproved Psychology Internship- Colorado State University (2008).
  • Ph.D. Counseling Psychology – University of Utah (2008).
  • M.S. in Sport Psychology – University of Utah (2004).
  • M.F.A. in Kinesiology, Teaching and Choreography in Dance- University of Utah (2002).
  • B.F.A. in Ballet Teaching and Performance- University of Utah (1998).

Rick Loek

Richard “The Amazing Rick” Loek

What brings me joy is helping people transform what they may think is impossible to anything is possible. I do this by getting to know people and what is important to them. In this process a deep bond of trust and love is created. People often find themselves saying, “I don’t know why I am telling you this...” Also, as a parent of an adult child with special needs (Aspergers & health and behavior issues) I’ve learned more about what it takes to be an advocate than most can imagine. Not to mention as a person who has lived with being Hyperactive and a gift for being distractible...I have taught myself to manage and embrace my gifts.

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I have a diverse background. I developed software where I used my ‘get it done style’ to successfully deliver often difficult (dare I say impossible) projects. I began my transition out of software in the early 2000’s. I own and operate a Registered Investment Advisor Firm, an Insurance Brokerage and a Success Coaching Company.

I served on the Mental Health Board (now called Behavioral Health) in Santa Clara County, California.

In addition to my skillset to create software, I have studied varied systems and processes and leadership as developed by Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Ernest Holmes, Dr. Matt James, Werner Erhard and Landmark Education. The last many years have been focused on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), including Mental & Emotional Release and Hypnosis.  


  • I am a certified trainer and Master Practitioner of: NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Mental and Emotional Release (MER)®.

  • Integrative NLP Coach

  • Practitioner of Huna, Ancient Hawaiian Energy and Healing arts

  • Retirement Income Certified Professional ®

  • Investment Advisor Representative

    Currently, I am developing a curriculum that is all about “money”. “Money: From constrained to unconstrained, have what you want and need in life by removing oftenly-hidden constraints from your view”

Briana Waddell

Briana Waddell; Holistic Embodiment Coach

I have a fond love for supporting others in transforming their lives through aligning with their body. 

Over my years as a coach, I’ve explored many modalities of healing, wellness and liberation. Now, I teach my own modality which a blend of the most powerful ones I've discovered.

I began as a Holistic Health Coach, then NLP practitioner, studying Huna and now specializing in embodiment; which is a somatic approach to live attuned to your personal power, purpose and connection. 

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I teach from the ground up, this means the body first and the foundational belief that everything you need is already within you. Together, we unlock what is already there so you have the courage and confidence to really make your life what you want it to be.

Your holistic wellness is what allows your life to be fulfilling, vibrant, fun, and enjoyable. This is what I do with clients so they live the life they are ready for!

Nanette Thelemaque

Nanette Thelemaque, BS.; Administrative and Virtual Assistant

Nanette has over 20+ years in administrative, executive, sales and marketing support experience, before striking out on her own as a Virtual Assistant. 

Nanette believes customer service is an integral part of being a virtual assistant. She truly enjoys helping people and sharing her years of experience and skill sets.

Nanette is always in a perpetual state of learning new technology, processes, all in her drive to provide the best services she can.

When not working, Nanette enjoys gardening, hiking in the mountains, enjoying family time, and learning to knit.

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