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  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “I experienced a balance of support, accountability, and challenge with the professionals at Synapse during a time that I was numb to my body and emotions. I have been pushed in a positive direction to try new things and it has created more joy and balance in my life. My activity
    is now motivated by play and having fun. I have learned to listen to my body by becoming more self-accepting while not losing my competitive spirit. The skills and reflections I learned and
    experienced during my time at Synapse will continue to help me in the future. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with such compassionate, intelligent, and skilled professionals”

    Former Boston Marathoner

  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “As I spent the past 5 months working with Elena, it was as if I was being gently pulled by a harness out of the middle of a giant thunderhead, black and roiling and loud, into the blue and sunny sky. All I had to do was to trust and to hold onto the rope she cast, and she led me out of the storm. Elena is brilliant, gentle, and wise. She has a magical way of making clarity of your thoughts and emotions that are twisted and tied in knots. Anyone who gets to work with Elena is blessed. Thank you eternally.”

    Female recovering bulimic

  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “My life has just completely flipped from being miserable for a while to being joyous. It’s amazing how I can use other ways of expressing and coping with emotions other than my eating disorder. Mostly I have somehow been extremely effective at separating from the Ego. All the internalized voices of society, family, external judgement, etc., that tell me I am wrong and want to punish me by making me feel sick. I am not them anymore. I am me. Which is different, and now, who is free. I hear those voices and feel those feelings and I thank them for their input and then tell them to scram-doodle. And when they know that I have the authority, they do. It’s pretty cool. Ah, life is glorious.”

  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “My experience with Synapse has been one of the most valuable in my recovery from an eating disorder. Through individual sessions and participating in the Healthy Body and Mind and DBT Groups, I finally was able to put the tools I’d learned into action to start to break down my disordered way of thinking and truly begin to heal. I’m so grateful to Elena and all of the Synapse team for showing me that there is life after an eating disorder, that recovery is possible, and that life has so much to offer! Thank you so much.”

  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “My life has completely turned around in the best way I could have imagined. Elena set me on a new course of life. I learn new things about myself every time I visit with her which has allowed me to become my true self; something I never thought possible. I am so thankful for her guidance, support, knowledge, and understanding. I am truly the happiest I’ve ever been in my adult/adolescent years. THANK YOU!”

    Female ADHD/ED

“Thank you so much for your help. You have helped me to be come a truer version of the person I want to be.”- Female Collegiate Athlete

“Just wanted to let you know I made the team! I’m using all of the skills you taught me and continuing to work on all of them. Everything has been so helpful”- Female Collegiate Athlete

”I really appreciate all your help and guidance. It has been wonderful to work things through with you.”- Young adult


“You saved my life. Thank you for continuing to believe in me even when I didn’t. I never thought I could be this happy doing all the things I am doing.”- Male, young adult.

“Thank you for helping our family find a way to communicate and understand each other better. While we still have our challenges, we manage our dissagreements so much better and our home is much more peaceful.”- Head of the household

  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “It is not an exaggeration to say that together Shayn and Dr. Elena saved my daughter’s life and our relationship in the process. I started seeing Dr. Elena to figure out how to heal my relationship with my teenage daughter. Boy, did I learn a lot in the process – about boundaries, independence, gratitude, and about shifting my parenting style.Simultaneously, my very overweight daughter started seeing Shayn to regain control over her life. Over 6 months she lost 45 lbs. But what she gained was invaluable – her confidence. She is truly a different, and much happier and confident, young woman.Our relationship has dramatically improved. We’re closer than ever. She relies on me as her friend and confidant.So I can truly say that Shayn saved her life (literally) and Dr. E saved our relationship. We could never have accomplished this transformation without the support and guidance of Dr.Elena and Shayn.”

    (previous client & mom)

  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “I went from being on the brink of quitting my sport, miserable and resentful, to being fully engaged back in my sport, improving my times, contributing to my team, and feeling overall much more positive, not just in sport, but in my life and my relationships! I gained so much more than simply getting back my competitive advantage! Doing this work was worth every penny! I am now trying for Team Captain next year! Thank you.”

    Collegiate Athlete

  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “Our team went from being highly dysfunctional and unable to communicate, let alone lead the rest of our employees, to being engaged, excited, communicating in a clear way, and really stepping up into a higher level of leadership. From me, the CEO to each one of our managers, we all learned so much about ourselves, our styles, and how to bring our A Game to everything we do, so we can model this for the rest of our team. Our work place is now a fun place to be, people are excited about our “mission” and what we are about, and consequently our sales and customer service has soared as a result of this High Performance Leadership Process! We can’t thank you enough.”

    CEO and Business Owner

  • Synapse Integrative Wellness LLC

    “I am a completely different person than I was when I first started with Synapse. In a steady but gradual manner by thoughts, my actions and how I am being, and reacting has completely changed!

    I am more confident and more engaged in my life and the people in it. All the services I accessed from therapy, to groups, and nutrition were all so valuable in helping me become a NEW person! Thank you!!”

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