ADHD Coaching Group

Small Group Coaching for Adults with ADHD

Learn tools, skills & strategies as well as individual coaching in a group setting and support from a small community to help you become MORE FOCUSED, PRODUCTIVE AND IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL PERFORMANCE!

We call it the Productivity Playground because we structure things in a way where you can feel like you are "winning" and integrating PLAY as a way to stay engaged and utilize your brain in a more effective manner!

We will meet weekly for 90 minutes. 

Twice a month we will meet to give you an opportunity to have "hot seats" process your struggles and challenges, and be able to give and receive feedback and support from one another. 

Twice a month we will meet for WORK SPRINT SESSIONS- in which we will log in and identify one or two tasks that you have been avoiding that you want to work on during that session. 

We tend to stay on task and more motivated when we know others are working alongside of us, so this will give you a chance to do this, and then check back in at the end to share or show us what you accomplished. 

Joining this group MAY just CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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  1. Get a deep understanding of ADHD and how it affects and influences your life.
  2. Learn valuable skills & strategies for emotional control. 
  3. Understand your ADHD brain. 
  4. Implement tools & strategies to become more successful at managing school, work & life. 
  5. Learn how to optimize your brain in a holistic way. 
  6. Get support & accountability.

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