Call For A New Leadership



It is time for a NEW LEADERSHIP in your life, in our world. It is time.

 This post is NOT about politics or the new president, though I hope you have claimed your right to cast your vote, as this is an important part of our civil rights and duties.

But today, I want to talk about The CALL FOR A NEW LEADERSHIP…

Regardless of who “wins”,  the reality is that we cannot wait for “someone” else to step up and improve our lives.


Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow…and every day after that…

In this situation, just like many others, it’s not about the WHAT happens, but rather HOW we choose to respond to it.

What matters is HOW each of us CHOOSE to show up for ourselves, each other and our communities.

In my opinion, the biggest issue we have is that we live in the illusion of POLARITY AND DIVISION.

We take sides, and then we alienate each other.

We see each other as DIFFERENT and magnify those differences to the point that we see each other as “enemies”.

In reality, we are all the same. We are made of the same fabric, we all want the same fundamental things in life.

We want love, health, security, abundance, truth. We just believe that we will “get” these things in different ways.

But at the core, we are all the same. We all struggle, we all feel scared, we all hurt and feel pain in similar ways.

This is a call for a NEW LEADERSHIP-

An opportunity for YOU to show up in an empowering way towards others, to have an influence in those around you that is not focused on blame, criticism or mud-slinging but on unity, equality and freedom.

Focused on our similarities and HOW we might be able to show up for ourselves, our families and each other, rather than create more distention.

This is YOUR CHANCE to show up as the LEADER that you are.

To be more compassionate, empathic and willing to be more inclusive.

We don’t need more division. We need to learn to set our differences aside, focus on our similarities and take hold of each other’s hands (figuratively), roll up our sleeves and be willing to work side by side to create the world we want to live in.

Do you want to continue living in a divided world?

Do you want to continue to contribute to the stress and sense of distention that exists? Or so you want to create a different world?

One of peace, support, safety, and collaboration?

I think it’s time for us to realize that we can’t keep on pointing fingers, blaming others, or waiting for “some leader” to emerge and guide our country…

I think it is ALL Of OUR responsibility.

It starts with me, with you…

With how we choose to show up…

Managing our emotional responses…

How we choose to show up for others…

Are you gonna go celebrate and “rub the win” in other's faces?

Are you gonna sulk, complain and blame because “you lost?”

Or are you gonna evaluate the decision and the choice made and then roll up your sleeves to begin taking ownership for the ways in which you can make a difference in your world and other people’s worlds?

We live in a world that has polarized all things…which has created the biggest illusion.

Nothing and no one is all good or all bad.

We are kaleidoscopes of color, depth, and dimension. We are complex beings living in a highly complex world.

We NEED each other to create a better world.

We have enough challenges that we are navigating…creating more polarization won’t make it easier, it will only make it harder.

While I never have liked being involved in politics, I also realized that it took away the power I have in actually making a difference in little and bigger ways.

We all have different things we are more passionate about: climate change, preserving our environment, healthcare, education, etc…

There are no easy answers to many issues, yet if we begin to do our part and take ownership in all the areas that we are passionate about, perhaps we can create a greater degree of change that goes above and beyond a vote.

Additionally, think about this: we have a limited amount of time and energy to allocate in our lives… so what do you want to devote your precious energy to?

Do you want to spend it in stress worrying about all of the things that are out of your control?

Do you want to spend it angry, upset and fighting?

Or so you want to spend it in CREATING the feelings you want to experience, the relationships you’d like to have, the achievements you want to have, and the world you want to create?

You get to choose!

I am simply posing a question for you to consider what would be the most worthwhile way in which you spend your energy?


See yourself as the influential person that you are (in your family, your work, your community), whatever level of influence you have, BE THE ROLE MODEL.

BE the person that inspires others to focus on HOW TO BRING AND CREATE THE LIGHT, rather than complaining about the darkness.

Be the person that begins thinking of solutions and starts taking action, rather than the one that passively complains and blames others.

Be the person who is willing to LISTEN to an alternate perspective in a kind and respectful way, and demonstrate kindness, empathy  and compassion.


Take this opportunity to rise, shine and BE THE CHANGE.

Here is another compelling message about “Conditional Compassion” a friend of mine recorded recently.…/a-w-ed-cast…/id1477539858

 Feel free to share this message.

Dr. Elena.


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