High Performance

The Dark Side of Productivity

Do you beat yourself up for not being productive enough?
Or are you constantly thinking of ways to increase your productivity?

One of the things I often tell my clients is: “There is such a thing as too much of a good thing!”

And this is especially true if you are Neurodiverse or have ADHD. Because our neurodiverse brains tend to like EXTREMES.

So…what I see in my clients and experience myself is this oscillation between being “unproductive” and then experiencing a surge of Guilt, Pa…

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Taming Your ADHD in the Summertime

know what you might be thinking… I was looking forward to the summer to relax and take a break!

And you can do that! Often summer brings lots of fun, adventures and an easier schedule. And while most people think that they will “work” at improving their ADHD MANAGEMENT SKILLS over the Fall when school starts, it’s often too late!

What do I mean by that?

Think of yourself as an elite athlete.

If you are an athlete and serious about your sport, you won’t take the summer off and “hope” to be in shape …

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